Service Recovery

Beacon for Service Recovery

Send Automated Alerts to Others in your Organization to Improve a Patient’s Experience

It’s never been easier to submit, track, and resolve issues within your organization. Beacon™ allows leaders to upload images, tag locations, and assign tasks both simply and intuitively. As soon as a ticket is created, tagged staff members receive an email notification so they can begin working on the solution—maintaining the high quality of care your patients have come to expect.

This intuitive module connects to Cadence™ or Alliance™ so that leaders can quickly send an alert during a round — eliminating the need to manually email, call, and track down individuals to resolve issues.

Simple, Speedy, and Streamlined Service Recovery

  • Create patient, employee, and organization issue tickets quickly using an intuitive form available on Cadence™, Alliance™, or as a stand-alone platform.
  • Share and communicate issue details with a click of a button to instantly notify the appropriate staff or department.
  • Receive notification when your issue ticket has been modified or resolved.
  • View all open or closed issue tickets in a real-time report — making it easy to know what’s been resolved and what’s outstanding.