Purposeful Rounds

Vigilance for Hourly Rounds

Ensure your Patients Receive Purposeful and Proactive Care

Vigilance™ enables frontline staff to proactively anticipate and meet patient needs. Combining the best practices of hourly and purposeful rounding with real-time technology, this solution ensures your patients are safe. Vigilance™ helps you create and sustain a culture of teamwork and accountability.

Collaborative, Action-Driven, and Accountable Purposeful Rounding

  • Efficiently document hourly rounds at the bedside using a mobile device or the computer in the room.
  • Configure rounding checklists to support the variety of patient populations you serve.
  • Always know when a patient round is due and how long it's been since the last round, through digital rounding maps located in high traffic areas.
  • Search rounding logs, uncover trends, and share reports with staff to cultivate a culture of purposeful rounds.
  • Provide reassurance to worried loved ones at home by sending a digital update from the round. Discover how here.