Cadence™ Outcomes

The Digital Solution to Manage Leader Rounds

Leader rounding is often identified as a best practice in healthcare organizations. Organizations struggle to manage the process when the documenting happens only on paper. Hospitals, under the best intentions, rely on binders full of paper and basic checklist apps to try to keep this process organized; but still never gain the insight and data they need to push this process to the next level.

Cadence™ takes your documentation process and streamlines data capture to give your nurse leaders the insight they need to make more informed decisions to improve the patient experience. Cadence™ truly allows leaders to round for outcomes.

  • Allows for quick and thorough documentation of leader rounds
    • Giving you more time to ensure you are able to round on all patients daily
  • Allows you to mark grievances based on HCAHPS composites
    • Giving you greater insight and predictability into patient satisfaction trends
  • Allows you to send weekly or monthly reports up to nursing administration
    • Giving administration greater awareness of patient complaints and opportunities
  • Allows you to document both leader and hourly rounds
    • Giving care providers more time to care for other patients