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National Nurses Week 2017

Happy National Nurses Week to all of our hard-working care providers out there! From a private practice clinic to a national medical center, nurses are the heartbeat of any healthcare organization To all of our nurses, thank you for your dedication and commitment to your patients and their families.

In honor of National Nurses Week, here are some recent links to a variety of articles on how to enhance and empower your rounding processes.

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The AONE Tradition

Attending the AONE annual meeting has become a tradition for me since 2007. The opportunity to network with other nursing leaders and colleagues and to attend presentations by nationally and internationally known speakers makes this one a priority for many. Having worked as a conference planner in my early days as a CNS, I respect the work it takes to orchestrate one of these events and create the seamless experience for the attendees.

As our opening keynote, Brene’ Brown pointed out, nursing leadership is the “trifecta of hard” because nurses “see a disproportionate number of bad things” through which we must support and guide them. Getting away to a conference offers a break from the pressures of the role. I realized how much they need it when I watched some of the most renowned nursing legends cutting loose on the dance floor or giggling with friends as they created the best-ever ice cream sundae at the President’s Party.

Nursing leadership is the “trifecta of hard” because nurses “see a disproportionate number of bad things” through which we must support and guide them.

In the 10 years that I have attended, the demographic of attendees has become increasingly younger as executive nursing leaders are mentoring and supporting their nurse managers and directors to attend, network, and learn from the best. At Nobl Health, we visited with over 400 leaders who attended our exhibit to “take a shot” and see what our platform can do to digitalize hourly rounding, nurse leader rounding, and customer service recovery.

The nursing educator in me was interested to observe the nursing managers who attended our product demonstrations. I haven’t seen so many “ah ha” moments since my days teaching nursing fundamentals and watching students master their first injections. These busy leaders saw how Nobl’s customized tools can automate and eliminate the redundancies of entering a room, taking hard copy notes, following up with data entry, and manual tracking of issue resolutions. They saw what I see every day – this is the BEST time-management toolbox that nursing executives can provide to support their nursing managers. Invest in the next generation of nurse executives today!

Blog written by Dr.Teresa Anderson, EdD, MSN, RN, NE-BC, Chief Nursing Officer, Nobl

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