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Creating a WOW Patient Experience

The little things that go above and beyond the basic behaviors to create a “personal” experience or “wow” for each patient are important. These small but significant actions can make a big difference in patients’ perceptions of each encounter with a care provider. Individual staff members don’t have to wait for the whole facility to launch one of the best practices, they can create a change one provider and one patient/family at a time. Choose one new thing to implement each month.

  • Commit to Sit - Sitting down for even a minute and making eye contact can convey caring and send the message that you have time to listen.
  • Pay Attention to the Pillow - Think about how nice a great pillow feels. Hospital pillows are notoriously flat and hard, add a second pillow or flip the pillow to the cool side.
  • The Power of the Warm Blanket - Consider blanket warmers in all patient care areas so that the comfort of a warm blanket is readily available to anyone who feels chilly.
  • Custom Rounding Cart/Tote - Know your population and the typical comfort care items that they need and build a cart or tote that has the basics. Saves you steps and offers immediate support.
  • While You Were Sleeping - Sometimes patients sleep right through your visits and don’t know you were there. Consider leaving a small table tent or note card so they know you were there. Maybe a comfort item too, such as fresh iced water, lotion or another item that you know they appreciate.
  • Family and Friends Matter - Use your processes or resources to reach out to patients’ families and friends and update them before they have to ask. Find out when they will be visiting and available to answer questions. Document the activities and progress for their family member in the available patient portal.

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Helping Hands during Hurricane Harvey

Sometimes we get caught up in the rigors of life, the stresses at work and the never-ending to-do list. But with the recent tragic events caused by Hurricane Harvey in Texas, we are reminded what is important – family, friends, health, and happiness. As a healthcare technology company supporting the everyday workflow and documentation of nurses and nursing leaders across the country, we have many friends and colleagues in the hurricane’s path and we wish them “Godspeed” and safety to start the journey back.

Over this past week, I have paused many times to appreciate fresh potable water, clean clothes, family photos around me, my comfortable home, and the ability to get into my car, purchase gas, and drive wherever I choose. How often do we take these simple things for granted and forget to show our gratitude by giving back to others?

I applaud JJ Watts for starting the fund that has already raised over $13 million dollars in hurricane relief. I am trying to do my small part by rounding up at the grocery store to benefit the victims, donating online to the American Red Cross, and signing up to donate blood next week.

The needs won’t stop for months to come. Many have lost everything but the clothes on their backs. Our mission at Nobl Health is to go above and beyond for our clients, driven by my amazing, generous Nobl colleagues. I challenge you today – How will you help?

Blog written by Dr.Teresa Anderson, EdD, MSN, RN, NE-BC, Chief Nursing Officer, Nobl


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