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4 Strategies to Improve Leader Rounding

Leadership rounding with patients allows the nurse manager to directly impact patient experience and satisfaction. Nurse leaders are constantly balancing multiple tasks and priorities at any given moment. With a digital rounding tool, nurse leaders can effectively manage the patient experience, improve staff engagement, and communicate with other departments. We’ve composed 4 different strategies to make your rounds more effective.

Ask the right questions

Make your time count while connecting with patients. Asking the right questions that are tailored to your unit and unique to your organization will ensure that you can get the information you need from patients. Show the patient that you care about their health by asking meaningful questions. Using a digital documentation tool, lead nurses can ensure questions are standardized to gather trackable data points. Personalize your rounding experience by using your own language, but keep the process consistent. Quickly documenting this data by using a leader rounding tool is important to remain an efficient organization.

Share information

Reviewing data from previous rounds can help you improve the patient’s experience and level of care. Share this information with other nurses and staff to adequately inform the entire team. By using a rounding tool, other nurses and staff can find notes on preferences or personal details about patients to help them connect with the patients and create a genuine care experience. Tracking patient issues and follow-up actions with another staff member is important to the patient to ensure they are satisfied with their experience. This tool can provide immediate feedback to staff in order to quickly resolve any issues. A leader rounding tool can efficiently share information to all the right people in order to enhance the patient experience.

Recognize Nurses and Staff

During the leader round, take time to ask the patient if any nurse or staff improved their satisfaction or experience during their stay. By creating opportunities to recognize nurses or staff members, you can be certain that care providers are receiving the recognition that they deserve. Nurse and staff recognition increases employee engagement within the organization. If the patient had a negative experience with a nurse or staff member, their actions and response can be assessed and addressed immediately. With a leader rounding tool, nurse leaders are be able to keep staff accountable and increase engagement within an organization.

Send issues to other departments

If a patient has a problem that you cannot resolve on the spot, it is important to alert the correct staff member quickly. Sending immediate alerts before you become distracted with other tasks can increase patient satisfaction. The patient can be assured that the issue will be taken care of to provide a better experience. This efficient communication between departments is important when considering patient experience and satisfaction. With a leader rounding tool, nurse leaders can send issues to other departments when an issue cannot be resolved on the spot.

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Choosing Opportunity- Nobl Hires Chief Nursing Officer

Recently, a mentor and colleague summarized my 35-year nursing career into a single theme, ”choosing opportunity.” When diagnosed with what could have been a career-ending latex allergy, I chose opportunity and entered a new field as a Magnet Program® consultant and educator.

While traveling for Magnet, I met a young technology entrepreneur who soon invited me to join his Florida based start-up to assist in shaping the use of smartphones within healthcare facilities. Working virtually from my home in Nebraska, I shaped clinical services and educated the team about the structures, processes, and outcomes important within acute care. As the company grew from 23 employees to over 125, it became apparent that they needed an onsite nursing leader. I recruited my replacement, and walked away from the fun and exciting technology environment, wondering when and if I might use the skills I had acquired. But opportunity knocked again in December 2016.

A friend (it really is about relationships and who you know) reached out to introduce me to Raymond Page, Nobl CEO and Katie Hottovy, Nobl CMO and the Nobl team in Lincoln, Nebraska. As I heard their vision and watched the product demo, my excitement grew and I mentally aligned my skills and professional goals with theirs. By the end of our lunch I was ready to pay them to be a part of their work! Fortunately, they read my mind, and offered me the chance to join as their Chief Nursing Officer.

Knowing that purposeful hourly and leader rounding contributes to engagement and clinical excellence, I am anxious to contribute. Nobl has created an intuitive, data-driven tool to support nurses and leaders to round effectively on their patients, as well as a solution for leaders to round on employees.

The bonus is that Nobl sits in the shadow of Memorial Stadium in the heart of Husker Nation. This time as the company grows, I won’t have to miss the fun and can remain close to my family.

This blog was written by Dr. Teresa Anderson, EdD, MSN, RN, NE-BC.

To read the full press release, click here.


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