Leader Rounds

Cadence for Leader Rounds

Enable Your Leaders to Proactively Resolve Issues and Improve the Patient Experience

Cadence™ enables leaders and administrators to connect with patients to ensure their needs are being met. This configurable tool allows leaders to uncover, communicate, and resolve issues through automated alerts to other departments. Cadence’s™ robust recognition and reporting platform delivers real-time intelligent data, empowering leaders to positively change a patient’s experience.

Insightful, Patient-Centric, and Intuitive Leader Rounding

  • Document leader rounds quickly using any device with unit-customized rounding forms to accomplish your hospital’s unique goals.
  • Review patient data from previous rounds and allow anyone rounding to be adequately informed — making it easy for leaders to communicate with patients.
  • Proactively uncover patient issues to prevent HCAHPS fluctuations and zero in on your most common patient issues through intuitive reports.
  • Harvest recognition opportunities by quickly tagging care providers during a round — ensuring care providers receive the appreciation they deserve.
  • Send alerts to other departments when an issue can’t be resolved on the spot. Discover how here.