Friends and Family Portal

Improve family-centered care through our Friends and Family Portal

Communicating with family in a timely and consistent manner is an important part of providing quality patient care, but often takes precious time away from staff. Vigilance™ makes updating family easier by providing routine nurse-to-family digital communication through its Friends and Family Portal.

“The Friends and Family Portal saves our staff time because family is not calling every hour.”- Joanna Fink, Clinical Nurse Manager, Mary Lanning Healthcare

Simple and effective family communication

  • Using Vigilance™, nurses document their round and write a short update about their patient’s condition.
  • Upon hourly round documentation, the patient update is securely transferred to their unique portal web page.
  • Family have 24/7 access to the updates from any web accessible device such as their smartphone, tablet or personal computer.
  • Each Vigilance™ Friends and Family Portal is designed to match the unique branding of your hospital.

Provide reassurance to family and gain back valuable patient care time

  • Hourly updates provide peace of mind and reassure families by continuously communicating the excellent care their loved one is receiving.
  • Families feel comfortable stepping away from the hospital or returning to work knowing recent patient updates are only a quick glance at their smartphone away.
  • Family are more satisfied with the care that their loved one is receiving.
  • Staff spend less time updating family on the phone and more time caring for patients.